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Recent Classroom
Tee Shirts 


Classroom Tees is a woman owned design business.  Our goal is to bring a hands-on art experience to the classroom. We partner with individual teachers to create a unique Tee for each classroom using student drawings. One of our favorite things about classroom tees is that EVERYTHING is customizable.

The Process


Please contact us via email or text to talk about scheduling your preferred print date. We will need to plan several weeks out so we can order shirts and create the shirt design using your student's drawings or signatures. We will also need your completed simple design form you can find under the forms tab. 



Send our shirt order form to parents and guardians so they may order the correct sizes and shirts. Please set a clear deadline for money and forms to be returned to school. 

Student drawings

Use our drawing template which you can find under our forms page. Have students draw in pencil first then trace with a fine tip sharpie (you may have to do the second step for younger kiddos). It is important to have a thick enough line drawing for us to use in the final design. Much more details under the For best results page. We will pick these up along with the shirt order forms, & money so we can move forward with design & shirt ordering. 


Please make sure your shirt order form is completely filled out. We ask for your cell number and email strictly for approval purposes. We will send you a proof email of your class shirt design. You will need to sign off on the design and we will take it from there. 


Print Day 

On Print day we will bring in our portable screen printing equipment. We will need is access to a couple outlets and 2 tables. Print days are our favorite and we look forward to teaching a little about screen printing and experiencing making art in a new way. 

Student Drawing Examples

Below are examples of great student drawings

What makes them so great?

The drawings are not touching the edges of the paper or the lines to separate them. They have clearly written names. There are no pencil marks. No coloring and no extra drawings in the squares. These are perfect for our use!

Below are examples of unusable drawings.

Why are they unusable?

Any drawing that has color would be made one color with ink. We only print in one color so imagine that anything that has extra color will be black (or whatever ink color you choose) also. There are several drawings with added items or scenes. When we use our designing program it makes it very hard to separate the drawings themselves from anything that overlaps the drawing. We also remove any added pieces from backgrounds so the final shirt design is not crowed with excess. A few of these drawings have names crammed on the drawings which cannot be separated from the portraits. The bottom middle drawing is perfect but the name is too squished at the top to read, we know you all know their signatures but its super hard for us to decipher them sometimes. lastly the bottom right photo does not have a name among other examples of hard to use issues. Thank you for your help in making these shirts turn out the best they can be!

bad example drawings_edited.jpg

Meet the Team

We are a Mother / Daughter creative crew

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